so what is the NovelTea Book Club?


The NovelTea Book Club is a monthly book and tea subscription parcel, now based on Tasmania, Australia. The club was created in 2017 by Angie and Jasmine, two friends who began chatting one day about how much they loved the idea of a book subscription, but just couldn’t make it work in their budgets! Chatting turned into dreaming, which turned into brainstorming and planning and researching. Many cups of tea were consumed and many spreadsheets were poured over.

Around the middle of 2017, Angie and Jasmine looked at each other and said “I think we could actually make this work! Are we really doing this?”

And thus, the NovelTea Book Club was born.


What happened next?

The first parcels were shipped for December 2017. The chosen classic book was A Christmas Carol and there was delicious Christmas tea from NovelTea Co.

In early 2018, the NovelTea Book Club team grew when Angie had a baby. Miraculously, only one parcel was mis=packed in that sleep deprived haze.

In early 2019, Jasmine handed over the reins so that she could focus on NovelTea Co. and starting back at university. Angie is now running the NovelTea Book Club solo (ably assisted by family and friends).


what's so special about The noveltea book club?

So glad you asked!
We set ourselves apart from other book club subscriptions in three simple ways.


+ A F F O R D A B I L I T Y

The number one reason why we started this book club was to make a subscription that was more affordable for local and international buyers. We pride ourselves on knowing when we can get away with cutting costs and when it's not acceptable. Our subscription is designed to fit into an envelope to reduce shipping costs, and we have a second-hand book option to save even more money if you wish. But you'll never find us scrimping on quality or style, because our subscription is affordable - not cheap!

+ P E R S O N A L I S A T I O N

One of the things that we're most proud of about our subscription is the level of personalisation that we provide to our subscribers. Are you the kind of person who likes to pamper themselves with little gifts? We've got you covered! Perhaps you're more of a minimalist? We've got that covered too! Prefer tea? Prefer coffee? Prefer the freedom of month-to-month subscription? We've got options for all of it! It means a little more work on our end but we think it's worth it to see our subscribers happy.

+ G O L D - R I B B O N

We think that receiving any of our subscriptions is a treat. We love to make them even more special by hand-wrapping every parcel, finishing with a gold ribbon bow. We take care in all stages of production because we think our subscribers are worth our time and effort.


Meet the ladies BEHIND IT

Meet Angie | Our Business Director


Angie is a bookworm, a tea-lover, and the kind of person who actually enjoys analysing data. She has a special place in her heart for secondhand books and loves seeking out treasures for the Minimalist parcels at book fairs.

Meet Jas | Our Creative Director


Founder Jasmine was the creative mind behind this website and the book club aesthetic. Jas has handed over the reins of the NovelTea Book Club so that she can return to university, but still supplies the tea via her business, NovelTea Co.


The NovelTea Book Club in numbers


Some of the numbers that defined the beginning of this bookish project.

The NovelTea Book Club in numbers.


between the two cities where the whole idea for the book club began.

The NovelTea Book Club in numbers.


between when our idea was first born and our project officially launched.

The NovelTea Book Club in numbers.


to Officeworks to practice print random stationery items for the book club.

The NovelTea Book Club in numbers.


who joined forces to create something special for bookworms everywhere.