Subscriber Interview - Joanne

This month’s interview is with Joanne from Hobart, who subscribes to the Classic/Tea parcel.

Describe your life in a sentence:

I persistently choose what I ought to do over what I want to do, recognising that reduces my total happiness quotient

What inspires and energises you?

A robust discussion with trusted friends

What 3 books would you take to a desert island?

Three books I haven't read, recommended by my daughters as good to read.

How do you drink your tea?

Depends on the tea - tea with milk or salt for the blends that are better with just hot water

Do you have a favourite NovelTea Book Club parcel so far?

I’ve enjoyed them all. When my sister in law gets her parcel we talk on the phone and she writes me a book review - which is excellent when I haven't had time to read the book.