An Ode to Preloved Books

Ever wondered about the Minimalist parcel?

Let me tell you all about them.

I collect pre-loved novels from all over the place: secondhand bookshops, book fairs, op shops... wherever I can find them! I look for classics and contemporary novels across a range of genres. Some are nearly new and some are perfectly and lovingly battered. As long as there are no pages missing, they’re all fair game.

For me, there’s something special about secondhand books. It’s like they’ve picked up extra stories as they’ve been read and loved by other bookworms. I like to imagine their previous lives, especially if there’s a name and a decades-old date written inside.

I decided right from the start that the Minimalist subscribers would receive a ‘lucky-dip’ book each month. Otherwise I knew I’d end up paralysed with indecision, trying to choose books for each subscriber each month! However, I do keep a record of the books each subscriber receives, to make sure they don’t ever get the same book twice.

I’ve received some lovely feedback from Minimalist subscribers. Some have mentioned how much they appreciate the environmentally friendly aspect of receiving secondhand books. I especially love when it turns out that the lucky-dip book is unexpectedly perfect for the subscriber - something they never would have picked up themselves, but ended up loving, or an old favourite they remember reading years ago and are looking forward to reading again.

The Minimalist parcels have been my baby from the very beginnings of the NovelTea Book Club. If you’ve made it to the end of this extended love-letter, then thanks for listening! If you’re a Minimalist subscriber, then thanks for loving my parcels as much as I do ❤️

You can sign up for a Minimalist parcel subscription here.