Welcome to The NovelTea Book Club. A monthly book subscription designed to give you a whole lot of indulgence in a little envelope.

so how exactly does it work?


The first step in signing up to The NovelTea Subscription is to 'choose your style.'

step one


The classic option is themed around the penguin classic book chosen for each month and includes two extra stationery items. The minimalist option has only one extra item and replaces the penguin classic with a second-hand book for a slightly lower cost.

Would you rather tea or coffee?

step two


Of course, as The NovelTea Book Club, the default selection is a tea sample, blended to match the theme each month. But if you're more of a hardcore caffeine-addict, you can forego the tea sample for a coffee sample instead, we’ll even grind it for you.

Choose you subscription, would you rather a month to month subscription, or multiple months at once?

step three


Perhaps you want the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription so you can cancel if you need to. Or perhaps you're looking to join the club on a more long-term basis. We provide three different subscription options to cater to both your budget and your needs.

still not convinced?

Three reasons why The NovelTea Book Club is worth your time.

The NovelTea Book Club is affordable.


We pride ourselves on knowing when we can cut costs and when it's not acceptable. Our subscription is designed to fit into an envelope to reduce shipping costs, but you'll never find us scrimping on quality because our subscription is affordable, not cheap!

The NovelTea Book Club has a sense of community.


Are you the kind of person who likes to pamper themselves with little gifts? We've got you covered! More of a minimalist? We've got that covered too! Prefer tea? Prefer coffee? Prefer the freedom of month-to-month subscription? We've got options for it all!

The NovelTea Book Club is personalised.


We think that receiving any of our subscriptions is a treat. We love to make them even more special by hand-wrapping every parcel, finishing with a gold ribbon bow. We take care in all stages of production because we think you are worth our time and effort.

give the gift of coziness

our subscriptions make the perfect bookworm gift


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