shipping + handling

Here you will find answers to any shipping-related questions you might have.

+ Domestic shipping.

Domestic orders are shipped through the Australia Post letter service. This shipping option is non-tracked and priced at $5 AUD.

+ International shipping.

Our international orders are also shipped, non-tracked, through Australia Post. Currently our international shipping prices are $14 AUD.

+ When will my package arrive?

We aim to have both our domestic and international parcels arrive to subscribers at the beginning of the month. Because of this, we ship our international orders first, however we cannot guarantee shipping times as they will vary depending on destination.

+ What countries do you ship to?

We ship anywhere around the world!

+ Is the shipping tracked?

Our domestic orders are shipped through Australia Post without tracking. Our international orders are shipped through a delivery network that provides some basic tracking updates including when the parcel has been processed and despatched by their shipping centre, and when it arrives to you. If you would like your subscription to be tracked further please contact us and we'll arrange something for you.

+ What happens if I move or change addresses?

You can update your address details at any time on your account page. If you change your address feel free to contact us letting us know as well, just in case we miss the update!

+ What happens if I think my order has been lost?

Please check that your order hasn't simply been delayed by the postage system or by customs first, before assuming that your order has been lost. If you are convinced that your order has been lost then please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

+ What happens if I move or change address after I've made an order?

If you have changed address please update your details as soon as possible to prevent any orders being shipped to the wrong address. You can do this by logging into your customer portal. If you are concerned about your subscription being sent to the wrong address because you didn't update your details early enough please contact us as soon as possible and we'll do our best to fix things for you!

+ Possible causes for delay.

Some orders may be held up by customs processing in your country. If you are worried that your order has been lost please consider that it may still be held up in customs first.

+ Duties and taxes.

Some countries may require duties or import taxes to be paid on our orders. The buyer is responsible for covering these charges.

+ Further questions.

Any further questions can be directed to us through our contact form.